“Makin’ That Fudge” the album! Available now!



“Makin’ That Fudge” contains 55 minutes of cleverly crafted, sharply delivered comedy featuring Slay’s unique view on ordinary topics.

“The album features a nearly hour-long set of hilarious riffs growing up poor in the South, waiting tables at Hyman’s, divorce, weird sayings, and a creative bit about the alphabet I enjoyed, despite the Charleston City Paper poo-pooing it. The jokes are funny are their own, but it’s Slay’s ability to intertwine topics together and successfully utilize callbacks that take the album to the next level. Instead of a grouping of seemingly random observations, Slay’s set on Makin’ That Fudge feels like it was all meant to be presented together.” – Holy City Sinner

If you like comedy then you will not regret buying this album!

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