“Son of a Ditch” (2017)

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“Son of a Ditch” is 47 minutes of live comedy tells the stories of a kid with divorced parents, growing up in a trailer park and on a farm in small town Alabama. From kid to man, this album is a “from rags to slightly nicer rags” tale. 

Thank you to everyone that made this album possible.

The Cover photo was designed and drawn by the fantastic Brett Brock!

The back picture was taken by Josh Moates and designed by Aaron Webber.

The Actual CD picture was taken by MsDig Photography.

Recorded by Todd Brown in Charleston, SC at Woolfe Street Playhouse.

Some additional recordings were taken from a recording in Wilmington, NC as part of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.

Editing and Mastering by Max Garceau.

“Makin’ That Fudge” (2014)

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“Makin’ That Fudge” is 55 minutes of cleverly crafted, sharply delivered comedy with a unique view of ordinary topics. Smooth southern style that will make you feel so comfortable you have to laugh. Its like cornbread telling you jokes.

The cover photo was taken by the amazing MsDig Photography!

The back cover was designed and taken by Jason Louis Groce.

Dusty Slay‘s first record contains 18 tracks of clever comedy with Southern style, quick wit and smooth delivery. Everything from Dusty’s life growing up on a farm and in a trailer park to waiting tables, drinking/not drinking, college days and everyday things that Slay finds funny.

Although it contains a few adult references the album also clean and can be enjoyed with your parents without judgement. But if you don’t know that its clean then you probably won’t notice. Its only $9.99 so you might as well just download it.

The photo on the album itself was taken by the fantastic Hazel Rider!

The Album was recorded by the very professional Screen Door Records!

The Album was printed at a place local to Nashville called We Make Tapes & Discs!

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